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- J.S

“Maya is a wonderful coach and kind human being. She has helped me embrace vulnerability, face my fears around career transition and move forward into a new stage of life with self-love. I so appreciate her as a person and know she will teach me so much as a life coach in the months to come.”


“Overall, my experience with Maya is that she is warm, easy to talk to, and has an innate understanding of empowerment. At first, I wasn’t sure what coaching was all about, but I’m very grateful I gave it a try. Maya has helped me navigate a few different life issues and I’m a much more empowered person because of our work together. I first became a client of Maya’s for help with a toxic work environment. As a high-level administrator, Maya helped me develop much stronger communication skills and better boundaries when interacting with both superiors and subordinates. I learned that I tended to have either very firm boundaries or loose boundaries. Maya helped me explore a middle ground and I learned how to develop other options for professional and personal boundaries. Maya’s coaching included both inner work and very practical work, like mentally and preparing for meetings and verbal strategies with difficult people. I then worked with Maya on a personal relationship issue. She brought so much clarity to the situation and helped me figure out ways to work towards what I wanted in the relationship with both strength and vulnerability, assertiveness and compassion. Maya also coached my twelve-year old daughter on effective communication. This work was transformative for my shy daughter, who continues to use her new skills both on her competitive sports team and at home..”


"Maya brings a beautiful mind-body awareness to the coaching sessions.  With Maya's guidance, I am able to step outside of the noise and busyness that I am experiencing in my head and step into a safe and nurtured space.  It is in this space that I am able to safely and intentionally invite growth and change into my life. Maya has been instrumental in how I make decisions in my day to day life as well as how I approach my long term goals and desired impact.  There is a sacredness to how Maya invites me into the coaching experience."



Maya's skills, strength, wisdom and compassion helped me process and move through one of the toughest periods of grief in my life. When my husband and I were unable to conceive, I adopted the sweetest pup, Copper, who became my surrogate daughter. Her spirit and soul matched me and brightened my life, and our bond was the most unconditional love I have experienced. The morning of her untimely death was overwhelmingly crushing - more than I ever anticipated and nothing has compared to it. The guilt, sadness, and depth of despair over losing her enveloped and consumed me. In talking and sharing with Maya, she helped me facilitate a letting go ceremony at the site of Copper's death the following morning. It was a very organic process, with Maya encouraging me to allow my intuitive self to lead - to go with what came up as the "right" steps. It was cathartic, raw, intense and draining; whatever my body needed to release was supported - physically, emotionally, spiritually. Maya was my buffer and matter-of-fact truth speaker when others' fear, suspicion, and curiosity brought questions.

After the session, while we were talking over tea, I realized that there was more I needed; I needed to outwardly match the life/death/life process I was inwardly traveling through. Maya accompanied me on a mission to outfit myself in the intuitive and instinctive wardrobe of my mourning and transition. She "got it" right away what this symbolized, and was my sounding board and one of my greatest guides through the entire transition. Maya is incredibly gifted. I am grateful she is part of my life and this world, and that she has chosen the path of Life Coach. It is truly her purpose and passion.


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