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I help clients become empowered by encouraging them to let go of limited beliefs, support with shame lifting, help them tease out the difference between a should and a true want, and I help them find the courage to ask for what they want.

When you are empowered, you are in choice. This means that  you can respond from a place of awareness to what is happening around you, instead of reacting to it from habit. The benefit of having the skill to be in choice is  the feeling of being in control instead of feeling like life is just happening to you.

Being empowered means to have healthy boundaries. The boundaries act as the roadmap from where you navigate your life; you know when to say yes and you know when to say no, you know how to ask for more time to make a decision, you know how to ask for support when you need it, you know how to ask for space, and you will be able to discern if what is asked of you is something you even want to spend your energy on.


EMPOWERMENT - being in conscious choice about your decisions; showing up authentically; responding with wisdom instead of reacting from habit; free of shoulds; having the courage to be vulnerable; and having healthy boundaries.


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