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About Maya

I started my professional career as a nurse aide and moved on to earn a degree in physical therapy. After that, I worked for many years as a client relationship manager in a law firm, which represented victims of physical injury; my primary responsibility was to act as a point of contact and support for the clients.

Alongside my career journey, I was working on my personal growth - specifically dealing with an early childhood death in the family that altered all our lives. My way of dealing with the loss and confusion was to adopt the behavior of always showing up strong, confident, and brave. No doubt these behaviors served me well, and still do, but I realized in early adulthood that I was energetically off balance. It took me many years to find my balance - I found it by learning how to be in trust with sharing my soft side and by finding the courage to be vulnerable. 

This life journey, and the realization that it is possible to make significant changes in your life, is what drew me to life coaching.

I would be honored to share your journey!

Maya has a natural curiosity and skillful perception that has helped me to find clarity in confusion and momentum where I was feeling stuck. I’m grateful for her intuitive guidance, it has been instrumental in helping me discover my best self. 
- T.N

Maya Katalena

Life Coach ICF Certified

Certified Professional Coach

Coach Training World

BS Physical Therapy

University of Boden, Sweden

BA Philosophy

Portland State University, Portland, OR


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