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I am delighted that you are actively looking at life coaching as a way to empower you to make changes in your life!    


I am an ICF certified life coach.  I received my training from Coach Training World in Portland, OR. The school teaches a holistic approach to coaching, mind/body connection, which is the philosophy my practice is built on. 


The main focus in my coaching sessions is to provide you with opportunities to find empowerment in the areas of your life where you feel stuck, areas where you feel you don't have a choice, and areas where you find it challenging to reach a goal or stick to a new routine.

In my sessions, I offer the traditional life coaching method of asking questions that will help you create the action steps needed to make changes. I also offer "on your feet" processes. The processes serve to make a body/mind/soul/heart connection with the purpose of really grounding you as you start making changes in your life.


I have a deep spiritual connection to nature, so most of the emotional growth work I do for myself is done outside. I offer outside sessions to the clients who want that experience. As a Nature Coach, I will guide you to connect with Mother Earth throughout the session. In my experience, the mind/body/earth connection provides a unique opportunity to discover a deep knowing and lasting change.


MMSE5875 (2).JPG

“Maya invited me to do a session outside and I was curious to see if it felt any different than being inside. It did!             I experienced a profound shift inside me standing outside in the pouring down rain talking about finding more joy. I felt crazy...and then I felt crazy good.”


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